Living without the Office Deskphone : Part 2

Written by:
Neil Hutchinson |
Business Development Director |

Twitter: @everythingvoice

So this is the first day of living without my desk-phone. My old friend has been unceremoniously removed from its prized place on my desk and relegated to its box. I’m doing this to really see if I can not only run my work life without it but enjoy much more flexibility whilst remaining more contactable. I’m also keen to report on the advantages and disadvantages as they occur.

The initial setup and creation of my new way of working (aka deskphone-less) was not a straightforward process, requiring the involvement of our technical team to reconfigure how I was seen by the company telephone system and deal with small teething problems as they occurred. However, now it’s mainly done, the experience is altogether quite refreshing, less cluttered and it now feels like I’m more in greater control of how and when I communicate.

What it has done is made me sit down and evaluate the tools I have and how I can use them to their fullest potential. I’ve looked at my Openscape Business Smartphone App and thought about how it could work for me, I’ve re-visited my Openscape Business Unified Communications Client and Unify Collaboration apps (Circuit) in more detail, considering how these all work together to deliver both me and my customers much better service. This has had a positive effect, I’m now thinking about how to give myself, customers and colleagues the very best experience when trying to communicate – brilliant.

I’m now happily using my Smartphone as an integrated part of the company telephone system and seriously considering never publishing my mobile phone number, I can now be reached wherever I am on my office number, leaving my personal mobile number solely for the use of friends and family. More importantly, with my App I can control when and how I want to be contacted on my office number.

The initial experience was probably not as simple as everyone would believe but in a relatively short time I was quickly able to use the applications I had at my disposal. As Richard, our Technical Director, pointed out there were also some more practical things to consider such as keeping my Smartphone charged (although when I did run out of juice, I was quickly able to define an alternative device whilst it powered up – not an issue).

All in all a pretty good experience so far.

If you would like to know more about ditching your desk-phone then feel free to call me or one of the team on 0330 055 3570 to find out more.

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