5 Things you NEED to know before deciding to deploy a Hosted VoIP solution

As SMBs and smaller organisations are starting to recognise the benefits a Hosted Communications solution can offer their business in terms of both cost savings, flexibility and advanced communications features, many are finding it hard to decide whether it is definitely the right option…

So to try and help with this decision, here we have put together the top 5 Questions every SMB must ask before deploying a Hosted VoIP solution:

1. INTERNET: What internet bandwidth will I need?

You’ll need to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth for Hosted VoIP to ensure that calls don’t start dropping out and experiencing quality issues, so this is something that should be looked at as a matter of importance.

Everything Voice are a specialist provider of business communications and offer a full service solution including Hosted VoIP and Internet Connectivity. Through our knowledge we will be able to check that you have the right level of internet connectivity or advise on what the best option is to suit your ongoing needs and budget requirements.

We can also address factors like packet loss and latency in advance of the extra traffic that Hosted VoIP will generate. This may sound like quite a big and daunting job, but it’s really not as bad as it sounds and through our specialist team, we would be able to to explain and implement necessary changes easily. Quick Check: Which connectivity suits your business needs best?

2. HARDWARE: What phone or headsets are required?

Hosted VoIP infrastructure will require new handsets or headsets and these are included in Everything Voice’s pre-defined packages. It is worth thinking about how you intend to link each member of staff up to be able to use the service. Soft phones with a USB headset and digital IP phones are both options for office and homeworkers and we can help you decide which will suit your requirements.

The hardware that Everything Voice has selected combines advanced IP telephony, best-in-class desktop productivity and unified communications capabilities, offering a high quality product which you can rely on for the duration of your contract.

3. COSTS: Will Hosted VoIP save us any money?

At Everything Voice, there are 2 different packages that you can choose from and these are charged on a ‘per user’ basis, ensuring that you are only paying for what you need, when you need it. This is highly flexible where both users and features you are paying for can be added or dropped as and when you require.

We have designed our Hosted VoIP solution so that it offers as much value and is as simple to understand as possible for our clients – for a set price per user, you will get the full list of features specified PLUS handsets, installation, technical support and free call minutes. So in summary – the answer is ‘YES’! You will almost certainly save money – and if you want to know how much – CLICK HERE for some cost saving illustrations… 

4. BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Will I need a backup solution?

With a cloud-based communications solution you instantly gain the value of business continuity. The carrier-class hosted platform that Everything Voice recommends has a level of resilience that simply cannot be replicated with an on premise-based system.

With exceptional business continuity capabilities, our hosted platform includes enterprise-class service reliability and disaster recovery across the full set of features, whether your employees are working in the office or out and about. Through our full service proposition, we also offer diverse connectivity options from a simple two circuit design through to a fully fault tolerant design – which will guarantee 100% service availability.

Our platform is hosted out of multiple Data Centres, each one able to act independently should one fail, allowing you to achieve 5 9’s reliability. And for phones to operate they only need internet access, meaning should you not be able to make it in to the office, you will still be able to make and receive calls in the same way from an alternative location. Features such as in-bound call redirection to other locations or mobile numbers are offered as ‘standard’ within our packages to provide further peace of mind, should an unexpected event take place which would otherwise have affected your ability to stay in touch.

5. FEATURES: What features are included with Hosted VoIP?

Our Hosted VoIP platform includes a full set of both telephony and UC features which you can select from dependent upon the type of work your employees fulfill. It may be worth breaking down your employees in to office and mobile/remote workers to start with and from there you will be able to establish the features that each category will require to maximise the use of their time.

Everything Voice has split our full set of features in to two seperate packages so these can be matched to the individual needs of each employee. For the full set of features available with our Hosted VoIP platformCLICK HERE

We hope the above information has provided you with the answers you need to decide whether a Hosted VoIP solution fits the communications needs of your business. For more information please contact one of our specialist consultants on 0330 055 3570 or click below:

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