THE FUTURE: 5G Explained – What You Need To Know & Why

What is 5G?

It’s the next generation of mobile transition standard and the successor to 4G / LTE. In summary it will enable:

  • ULTRA low latency of around 5ms – current 4G latency is an average of 55ms.
  • Superfast data speeds of around 100x faster than 4G.
  • A huge increase in capacity – so 1000’s of users in the same area can conduct data sessions simultaneously.
  • Extended and improved coverage using new technology including beamforming which 5G can leverage (and 4G cannot).

What difference will 5G make to your business?

Not all of these benefits will apply to everyone, but this should give you a flavour of how 5G could and will transform your business potential in future:

  • If you’re a late adopter, it’s likely your competitors are using 5G to gain a competitive edge.
  • Leased line buyers will be able to get a 1GB connection without laying expensive fibre cables.
  • Homeworker /remote worker adoption will be improved and continue to increase.
  • IOT applications will increase substantially.
  • Lawyers and other data-rich businesses will be able to download documentation / entire library’s of case law in seconds.
  • Surgeons will be able to conduct remote clinical operations.
  • Virtual reality will become a reality as 4G held it back.
  • Broadcasters will be able to live stream events over mobile networks without needing fibre or a dedicated transmission medium.
  • Drones will be enabled to start full commercial use
  • Driverless Cars will become the reality.

How does it work?

The technical bit – not everybody wants or needs to know – but for those that do, here are the basic principles:

  • 5G has a shorter mobile transmission frequency, which means more data can be carried.
  • 5G will use millimetre wave technology – so very compact radio waves.
  • Mobile networks will use cloud infrastructure, virtualised network core and intelligent edge services, plus network slicing to accommodate all use case requirements.

The future is in your hands – start preparing now… 

O2 forecast that 5G could deliver time savings which will equate to approximately £6 billion a year in productivity savings in the UK, and that 5G-enabled tools and smart items could save UK householders £450 a year in food, council and fuel bills.

If you are a business leader who is driven by success and wants to compete effectively in future, you really need to understand the impact of 5G on your operation and market. It’s up to you – either you can use 5G to get infront of your competitors – or conversely, it could be used by your competition to get ahead of you!

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