5G Guarantee NOW Available In The Wake Of Release Later This Year

Everything Voice is the UK’s first telecoms provider to offer 5G guarantee in the wake of its release.

As the launch of 5G draws closer, is it time that telecoms providers begin considering how clients can maximise its benefits from the point of release? With a definitive date for roll-out still not having been confirmed, businesses looking to adopt early are concerned about entering into new mobile contracts which will restrict access to 5G network services, once they are rolled out later this year.

Yorkshire based mobile services provider, Everything Voice has announced a 5G guarantee to its customers, in readiness for the roll out by UK mobile networks. The first such commercial guarantee of its kind in the UK, it will offer businesses in mid-contract the unique opportunity to upgrade without penalty once 5G is made live.

Ultra-fast data speeds combined with ultra-low latency are predicted, making the impossible become possible for firms of all sizes across Yorkshire, particularly those who are now reliant on technology and have staff working from multiple locations, yet need to access data instantly and without interruption.

Whilst the scope of 5G is somewhat unquantifiable at present, it is the responsibility of the reseller network to turn its potential into a reality. In the meantime, leading network providers will continue to plough £billions in to the necessary infrastructure.

“Our intention is to enable businesses to make decisions for the future, without being shackled into long term contracts that prevent them from adopting the latest technology as it becomes available,” comments Aaron Barry, Head of Mobile Services at Everything Voice.

Meanwhile, firms such as O2, Vodafone and EE are investing vast amounts in new radio hardware and distribution networks so that the kit is available in the right places – with manhole covers, building bricks and even phone boxes being targeted as transmission points.

“We’re expecting to see 5G coverage begin around August this year in all major cities, with a gradual proliferation to the rest of the country including rural areas thereafter. Any customer with a mobile contract with us today,” Aaron adds, “even on a 24-month term – will be able to upgrade to 5G through us, without being penalised financially.”

As they announce this widely unique approach to enabling businesses to access 5G – at the time that is right from them – Everything Voice is on track to be one of the first 5G network services resellers in the UK. As service providers prepare for the 5G roll-out, the business community is also on its toes, seeking to understand how they and their competitors will leverage 5G to gain an advantage and at what stage the transition will fit their business needs.

“There is a continuous flow of resource being produced at present which will assist with this process, and of course, the first port of call would be to speak to your existing telecoms provider for advice,” recommends Director and Founder Neil Hutchinson, from Everything Voice.

“We intend to be at the forefront of the developments to deliver 5G services to our extensive customer base and are not aware of any other provider to offer this 5G guarantee at this stage,” Neil concludes.

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