Our Partners

ATE Solutions – Energy, Water & Telecoms Solutions


ATE and Everything Voice have partnered to serve clients in the Education sector having collectively built many years’ experience in the industry. ATE specialises in helping schools and academic trusts to reduce energy costs whilst Everything Voice works with the same clients to deploy better value and resilient technology solutions. Together we offer a unified approach to servicing the unique needs Education providers have which includes robust service delivery and a 24/7 support service.

ABOUT ATE Solutions: They offer UK businesses the chance to control their contracted TELELCOMMUNICATIONS AND ENERGY costs with complete transparency and impartiality. With over 40 years in the energy sector and experience of working with some of the largest energy users nationwide, ATE Solutions aim to find the ideal utility solution across both single and multi-site businesses. They have gained the expertise, nurtured supplier relationships and sourced the right technologies to uncover the most competitive prices for your organisation needs – including fixed, flexible or bespoke products.