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No proprietary telephone system hardware necessary


Low-cost, easy-to-manage, cloud-based solution


All system management can be performed by BDB Financial


New internet connectivity reduced costs and improved system performance


Direct integration with BDB Financial’s CRM for enhanced user experience

Customer Testimonial

“We decided to go for a hosted VoIP platform for our new telephony system because it gave us the flexibility we need to grow our team and not worry about the number of lines. Similarly, it gave us a great platform to integrate our phone line and CRM. We knew call quality was very important to our clients and found Everything Voice’s Synergy platform to offer a stable and reliable line. Everything Voice were very supportive in our project, especially in the implementation phase, and ensured that we could migrate our systems smoothly.”

Oliver Smith – BDB Financial

The Pros (and Cons) of Multi-network SIMs.

We’ve all seen the ‘Big 4’ (EE, Vodafone, O2, Three) say they’ve got the best, or the fastest, or the broadest, coverage around, but marketing isn’t always truthful… Plus, in real-world settings,...

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Robustel Smart Roaming V2

The next generation of 3G/ 4G reliability and roaming with SIM Management from Robustel is here! As champions of Robustel for many years now, our clients are now benefiting from a new technology...

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Cellular IoT Connectivity and CCTV

You can’t have secure sites without CCTV if you are an on-site security CCTV provider. As technology continues to develop, CCTV is now also being used with software that overlays video feeds,...

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Ethernet Flex Postcode Checker!

Get the flexibility and speeds your business needs with Ethernet Flex – Check your Postcode!

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