BDUK Government Funding To Improve Broadband Connectivty Speeds

Does your business suffer from poor connectivity – whether that be at a business address, satellite office or at an employee’s home-based office location? You may have staff who need the flexibility of working in multiple locations but they simply can’t rely on the internet, or your business may be located in a place where broadband speeds are sluggish and unreliable?

Either way, the government has committed to helping your business if you’re experiencing these types of issues, offering funding to upgrade to 4G internet services for both registered business premises or individual home-based offices. Moreso, you are able to claim funding for each location experiencing these issues to ensure staff have access to the internet speeds they require, whatever their location.

What Does The Funding Cover? 

The government-led scheme known as the BDUK voucher scheme subsidises the cost of installing faster connectivity at your premises, including the expense of a high gain antenna, an engineer to fit this and a 4G wifi router, for example.

BDUK stands for ‘Broadband Delivery UK’ and in short is part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. This organisation has been tasked with delivering high speed internet to rural businesses UK wide.

Is Your Business Eligible?

If your business or a home-based employee has access to limited Broadband speeds (<2Mbps), and won’t benefit from superfast broadband anytime soon, then the answer is ‘YES’ – your business will be eligible. Still not sure? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT… 

How To Apply? 

You can only apply through one of the pre-approved suppliers registered to the scheme and fortunately for you – you’re in the right place… Everything Voice is a fully registered supplier and has a trained team who can work with you to submit your application today.

The application process takes just 2 minutes:

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