BLOG: Alternative uses of 4G - for high performance or flexible internet needs

How reliant is your business on the internet? Could you cope without it? Are you struggling to find a high quality and reliable connection? Do you need temporary internet access? 4G data may be the answer… 

Mobile data, over the last 10 years, has made great advances in providing high quality internet access without the need for a traditional fixed line connection.  As a result, 4G has today become one of the most versatile internet products available if your business is needing an alternative solution that provides; quality of service; high performance bandwidth; is available in any location; and is flexible in terms of how long you want to access it.

Here at Everything Voice we offer a wide range of 4G solutions that cater for business needs across all industries:

1. 4G Backup Solution

How would your business cope if your internet connection was lost?

A 4G backup solution ensures business continuity, offering failover to your 4G data should your primary connection fail. Providers cannot account for faults which occur and are out of their control (ie weather conditions / damage to the line / electricity issues) and so a 4G backup is the only way your business will achieve 100% uptime. Many providers offer a backup service, however if there is an issue with a providers main internet supply, it will usually also affect their backup service and so this still does not offer any real guarantees.

2. Temporary Internet Requirement 

Is your business moving office in the near future or are you waiting for a fixed leased line to be installed? Perhaps you’re holding an event? Do you have a workforce located on a temporary site, or are you a CCTV service provider looking to set up cameras in a specific location for a set amount of time?

As businesses now rely on high performance internet to a degree where they cannot operate without it, there are often occasions where you need to access a flexible internet connection within a new or temporary location – and for a specific amount of time. 4G meets the needs of these types of business, offering temporary access to good quality internet – whether that be planned or a more urgent requirement. 4G data with a fixed IP address can be supplied and plugged in to your business within 24 hours, for as long as you need it. This provides a private connection which is completely secure.

3. Limited Bandwidth Availability 

Does your business constantly battle with limited internet speeds or an unreliable connection? Perhaps a full fibre solution isn’t available in your area, or maybe it is, but you simply can’t stretch your budget to afford an upgrade?

It’s a crazy prospect, but there are still many companies in towns, cities and rural areas that are struggling to gain access to high speed or full fibre internet connectivity. This can be because it’s simply not yet available, or if it is, it is too expensive. Many companies today rely on cloud-based services and VoIP telephony and if yours isn’t one of them it most likely will be in the near future. For this reason, a quality internet connection is essential to access new technology and adopt more efficient ways of working. For those businesses struggling to achieve this, 4G is the cheapest and most effective solution, providing high performance bandwidth, in any location, on a flexible or permanent basis.

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