BLOG: Digital Enterprise Funding – Project Examples

Written by: Neil Hutchinson | Business Development Director | Everything Voice Ltd

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In previous posts, I’ve talked about the Digital Enterprise Scheme and what it means for SMEs in the Leeds City Region including Wakefield, Calder, Harrogate and York areas. This funding provides up to £10,000 worth of financial investment into a range of technology projects designed to help businesses grow and prosper. It is also allocated on a first come, first served basis so it’s best to start thinking about applying now before the rush in October 2018.

The response to our awareness campaign throughout the region has been very good and so I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the projects our customers have put forward for funding since Phase 1 was launched. Their main areas of interest, which are exactly the kind of projects that this scheme is setup for, have involved some kind of cloud migration or Internet connectivity investment, although there have been a number of other interesting projects from app development to Digital training.

  1. A company in Leeds employing 20 people had an ageing on premise telephone system, an on premise server containing their database and very slow Internet access. The project we helped them put forward for funding was a migration of their on premise applications including their CRM, their telephone system, database and files to an ISO27001, Tier 3+ Data Centre which would introduce more flexibility and efficiency into their business processes, in addition to security for their data and Disaster Recovery. At the same time this business was planning to take advantage of a high performance leased line Internet connection to ensure everything continued to work well.
  2. A company in Bradford employing 50 people across the UK wanted to build in more efficient ways of working into the business, which were spread across 3 offices. Each office had its own server, telephone system and Internet connectivity so at the same time as measurably improving efficiency, they saw an opportunity to reduce costs and invest in growth. The project we put forward for funding was a migration of their telephone system and their Accounting and Sales software to an ISO27001, Tier 3+ Data centre, which would remove duplication of currently stand-alone systems and improve accessibility through a better Internet connection.
  3. A company in Garforth employing 10 people wanted to change their business model and routes to market and needed to invest to make this transition. With the help of the Digital Growth Voucher the company applied for new PC Hardware, Laptops, a new Leased Line connection and VOIP Hardware and were successful in achieving funding.

If your business has a technology project on the horizon – check your eligibility, register your interest or find out more about Phase 4 of the Digital Enterprise voucher scheme, by clicking below: 

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