Fast and accessible internet connectivity has become a necessity for anyone wanting to meet the changing demands of their business, give themselves choice and optimise the performance of their technology and workforce.

With benefits such as enabling you to compete more effectively, boosting productivity and working more efficiently, there are a number of reasons that indicate the need to review your current connectivity….

  • You are unable to adopt hosted, cloud or VoIP services due to poor performing/unreliable Internet
  • Your contract for your existing internet access and ISDN phone lines are coming to an end
  • You are struggling to support the increased demands of virtual teams, mobile working and home workers
  • Employees and visitors are increasing demands on your already stretched internet access
  • Your business operates over multiple locations & needs to manage and control services centrally
  • You need to replace an older telephone line technology such as ISDN which is due to be phased out
  • Rapid internet deployment

Connectivity Options:

At Everything Voice, we have created a range of options to suit individual needs, encompassing every access method and speed available at any location, providing an unbeatable ethernet geographic footprint. For more information on the portfolio of services we provide select one of the options below.

Connectivity Type  Company Size Speed / ps Availability  Cost 
Broadband / FTTC > 1-30 5Mb – 80Mb* √√√√√ £
4G Options > 1-30 50-100 Mb * √√√ £££
Wireless Leased Line > 30-500 10Mb – 10Gb √√√ ££££
Ethernet > 50-500 500Mb – 10Gb √√√√√ £££££

All of our Internet and MPLS solutions are designed to meet your existing and future demands using reliable and high quality access technologies from the UK’s leading carriers including BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk Business. We offer a wide range of complementary services such as managed firewall, SIP trunks and hosted VoIP to help you get the most out of your connectivity investment.

4G Data Sim Bundles

Everything Voice Mega 4G Data SIM bundles provide fast, data only Internet connectivity using 4G mobile technology. Available exclusively on the Three network with 500GB or 1TB of available data per month, these SIMs are perfect for businesses who require high levels of data use for their primary internet connection or fail over.

Supplied with all the equipment you need, including a fixed IP address so that you can easily access the SIM remotely or securely connect to your company network. We have several bundles available and they all include QoS and DDoS protection as standard.

Bundles that we offer:

Pre-Ethernet Solutions-  Moving or New Business? Instant internet access while you wait for your fixed line to be installed.

Backup to existing ADSL/FTTC/Ethernet- Internet outage? Ensure business continuity with 4G failover should primary connections fail.

Rural Business Primary Internet Connectivity- Limited connection? Replace slow and unreliable fixed lines with fast, reliable and cost-efficient 4G.

Streaming HD CCTV- Expensive over-usage? Fixed IP for remote and secure 4G connection with bigger data allowance for streaming.

Smaller Construction Sites- No fixed line?- Then 4G internet connection for sites requiring high data usage could be for you.

Each Bundle Includes: 

  • 1 x Three network SIM.
  • 1 x 4G Router to house the SIM.
  • 1 x SD-ONE unit to provide: Public fixed IP address, QoS (Quality of Service).
  • DDoS Protection.
  • Configuration included.
  • Management Portal logins to monitor data usage.
  • Cables and instructions.

500GB and 1TB bundles available 12 and 24 month terms. There are also smaller GB’s packages available to suit your businesses needs.

For more information or to discuss which connectivity option would suit the individual needs of your business, please contact the team at Everything Voice any time and we would be happy to offer some advice: