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Wireless Leased Line

Company Size: 30-500 Speed Range: 10 Mbps – 10 Gbps
Cost: Medium Availability: Medium

If your business relies on guaranteed high quality internet access, Wireless Leased Line is a good option to consider. It provides a dedicated wireless internet line to your business with guaranteed connection speed. This is achieved by delivering the last mile of your connectivity by WiMax class wireless, rather than via unreliable copper cables owned by third party suppliers where problems are slow to be resolved.

Key factors to consider when choosing this option:

  • Quick to install, sometimes within only a few weeks from point of order
  • It operates completely independent of the local loop, meaning the existing UK infrastructure is not used, providing protection from major infrastructure or telephone exchange faults.
  • There is almost never an Excess Construction Charge (ECC) which you can sometimes get with carriers installing a leased line.
  • As the service provider has full control over their own infrastructure, the Service Level Guarantees are excellent as is the ability to support hosted applications.

To summarise; in terms of performance, service level guarantees, quickness to install, reliability and cost – this has to be an excellent option. However, it is not available to all areas.

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