City Fibre Business Connectivity

Company Size: 50-500 Speed Range: 500 Mbps – 10 Gbps
Cost: Medium Availability: Most Major UK Cities

The UK’s digital infrastructure is proving to be a catalyst for growth and innovation. The struggle our country is experiencing is that the network of wires and cables underground used to transport digital information is struggling to keep up with the demands of businesses and organisations, large and small.

City Fibre has revolutionised the connectivity market, by using the power of pure fibre infrastructure. They have built an ultra-fast full fibre network which is designed to effectively support the current AND future digital needs of the United Kingdom. With the aim of enabling public and private sector organisations to improve efficiency and reduce costs, City Fibre brings ultra fast, low latency, wireless connectivity to any organisation – both large and small – helping you boost productivity and unleash the full potential of new cloud-based technologies.

Why Choose City Fibre? 

  • City Fibre has invested heavily in its own network, providing a lower cost alternative to the other Ethernet Fibre options.
  • Cost is lower because the infrastructure is wholly owned by City Fibre
  • The advantages of City Fibre’s products are equal to other Ethernet options – excellent Service Level Agreements, uncontended.

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