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Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Company Size: 30-100 Speed Range: 2 Mbps – 18 Mbps
Cost: Medium Availability: Medium – High

Ethernet First Mile or EFM is widely available across the UK and is ideal for customers who need a better performing and and more reliable service than Broadband but don’t need the scalability, low latency and bandwidth of Fibre to the Premises. This uncontended service is delivered over Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) technology and offers a shorter lead time than fibre Ethernet, starting from just 25 working days.

Because Ethernet First Mile is delivered over copper rather than fibre, it also presents a cost-effective alternative to fibre-based Ethernet solutions. It is recommended for businesses with a small budget, low scalability needs up to a maximum of 20Mb or businesses who have problems with fibre access to their premises. It is also suitable for SIP trunks given the excellent service level agreements, service restoration guarantees and its synchronous nature.

Key factors to consider when choosing this option:

  • Unbeatable ethernet coverage within the UK
  • Dedicated, synchronous bandwidth at speeds up to 20Mb nationwide
  • Excellent service level agreement and guaranteed time to repair
  • Ideal for supporting SIP trunks on its own or a combination of SIP trunks and Internet access
  • Much lower cost than Fibre to the Premises
  • Can be “rate limited” down to 3Mbps at a lower cost – perfect for supporting up to 60 SIP trunks
  • 24/7 network monitoring

In summary; the cost is competitive and sits at a higher price than Broadband but much lower than Wireless Leased Line or Ethernet Fibre; the performance does degrade over long distances so you’d need to check exactly what bandwidth can be guaranteed as this will depend on your distance from the telephone exchange; but generally it provides consistent, uncontended bandwidth with excellent Service Level Agreements which is suitable for most SMB’s requirements.

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