Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications

Many organisations have had the same phone system for years and the benefits that a more up-to-date model could offer is not always properly understood. The way your people work and are expected to communicate will have changed significantly over recent years. It is highly possible that Hosted Telephony would offer your business a far more flexible, efficient and cost effective solution for communicating.  

There is rapid uptake from SMBs for this new way of delivering business communications which offers both fixed (desk-based) and mobile telephony capabilities. Everything Voice’s Hosted solution is a fully managed service, removing the need for you to purchase, install, maintain and upgrade your own equipment and infrastructure. We offer both a Private of Public Cloud solution, depending on your specific needs and budget.

Our system can be managed via an easy-to-use web portal and operates on a cost per user subscription model, allowing you to add and remove users as and when required and meet the ongoing needs of your business as flexibly as possible.

Reduced Costs £££

You will benefit from free calls between users on your network, together with reduced call costs to external contacts. Line rental charges are minimised by eliminating the need for dedicated telephone channels and we have a range of packages which offer free calls to 01 02 03 and UK mobile numbers for a fixed monthly cost. With none of the hidden costs associated with a traditional PBX telephone system, your subscription will include everything you need – no capex, no telephone lines, no support charges and no upgrades needed.

Additional Features +++

You can opt to include features which further enhance your ability to communicate effectivley including video conferencing, instant messaging, web collaboration, call recording, CRM integration and much more. More advanced features are available from a Privately Hosted solution as this can be built to meet individual needs. For a full list of features available click below:

Private Hosted Solution – Features & Prices >>>             Public Hosted Solution – Features & Prices >>>

Private or Public Cloud? 

Hosted Telephony offers a flexible, pay per user contract for small to medium sized enterprises, however many firms are facing the dilemma of whether to choose a privately or publicly hosted solution. Our privately hosted solution offers more advanced features, greater security and more flexibility, however the public hosted solution is sufficient for simple communications which can be paid for on a per user basis. More info below:

Always up and running….

Because your communications are hosted in the Cloud, our proposition ensures an uninterrupted service providing robust business continuity which will not be jeopardised by unexpected events such as adverse weather conditions, strikes or utility roadworks. Furthermore, we are able to deliver your voice solution from three resilient, fault tolerant UK based data centres, providing 99.999% service availability.

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Case study - CASE STUDY - Hosted VoIP with CRM Integration

"We decided to go for a hosted VOIP platform for our new telephony system because it gave us the flexibility we need to grow our team and not worry about our number of lines. Similarly it gave us a great platform to integrate our phone line and our CRM. We knew call quality was very important to our clients, and have found Everything Voice's Synergy platform to offer a stable and reliable line. Everything Voice were very supportive in our project, especially in the implementation phase, to ensure that we could migrate systems smoothly."

Oliver Smith, BDB Financial

Full Case Study