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Hosted VoIP vs PBX – Who Wins?

It is surprising how significant the differences are between a Hosted Voice and PBX communications solution. Especially when you consider that in most cases, a Hosted solution will also reduce costs overall. The fast adoption rate of Hosted Telephony and the predicted market growth is clear recognition of the benefits this evolving technology offers.

Here are the facts to help you decide if it’s time your business or school takes a new approach to communicating:

COSTS No upfront costs – pay for what you need – £per user subscription Significant equipment and professional services costs without flexibility
CALL CHARGES Free inter-office calls & competitive call plans externally Pence per minute rates which vary between provider and are typically more expensive
MAINTENANCE Maintenance and upgrades are free and automatic Significant running, maintenance and insurance costs
MODULARITY Build the system around your business and adapt as required. No set up costs Complex to add to, causing disruption and raised costs
UPDATES Use a central online portal to make changes yourself with instant impact Specialist support is required to manage the technology
SCALEABILITY Run 1000s of users on the same system worldwide Difficult to scale and standardise with limited capacity
QUALITY Guaranteed performance & quality A traditional PBX has multiple single points of failure which makes it less reliable
PLUG & PLAY Plug the phone in and away you go… Complex to set up bringing time delays and increased costs
ACCESSIBILITY You can communicate through any device, from anywhere on the same contact details Its rare to be able to add system features to other devices based out of the office
FEATURES A full suite of telephony and UC features are available raising efficiency & collaboration Additional features can require extensive IT/technical input & support
DISASTER RECOVERY Disaster recovery features are extensive and well developed Disaster Recovery features are extremely limited