4G Data for Your Office

4G is typically associated with the data you access through your mobile device, however at Everything Voice we also have clients who use it as a simple and immediate connection bridge for their business. Capable of supporting all the usual internet based applications and cloud services (including hosted VoIP telephony), this is a viable solution for your business if:

  1. You have remote or home-based workers who need access to a quality and reliable internet connection
  2. The productivity or revenue of your business would be impacted if your connectivity were to fail – 4G is an effective back-up
  3. You need a temporary and resilient data connection

How does it work?

4G offers a highly flexible and cost-effective connectivity solution to businesses, which can be both temporary or permanent depending on the requirements of your business. We will provide a 4G wireless router with a 4G SIM card embedded and if your location has challenging mobile coverage, we will install a high gain antenna to boost your service speed.

The product is ‘plug & play’ so is easy to set up, however we also have engineers on hand for any installs that require an antenna.

What will it cost? 

We agree the monthly data bundle amount with you upfront which starts at £19.00 for the backup solution. Data plans for your office vary and can be quoted for here >

You will receive automatic alerts updating you of your usage and you will have the flexibility to add more data with bolt-ons during the month if you run out. We can terminate the service with just 30 days notice, so this solution works for both temporary and on-going requirements.

Do you need to backup your existing data connection?

If a data outage occurs, have you considered how it would affect business operations and sales, or productivity? Most of us now rely on a whole host of cloud-based applications which are business-critical and which we must be able to access reliably 24/7.

Our 4G data solution at Everything Voice has been designed to guarantee access and automatically deliver connectivity to your users should your primary connection fail. This is the equivalent of an ‘internet insurance policy’ where costs of this security are minimal yet you have the peace of mind that your business isn’t going to have to shut down.

For more information contact one of our 4G experts on 0330 055 3570 or click below: