Mobile Contracts: Calls & Handsets

Do you look after a company fleet of mobile phones or devices and are looking to benefit from the latest tariffs and commercial bundles on the market today? Everything Voice works with the leading network providers to create bespoke bundles to suit your business needs, including:

  • Unlimited Voice/Calls
  • SMS Messaging
  • Mobile Data
  • Handsets & Devices

Unrivalled Value

Our bundles can be applied to individual sims or pooled across the account to help avoid overage charges and offer flexibility to users dependent on their role and usage requirements. We pride ourselves on being the anti bill-shock mobile provider and take no pleasure in seeing our customers unncessarily spending more than they have to. Your interests are our interests and it is our promise that we will do everything we can to work with the networks to prevent and cure overage issues wherever possible – freeing you up to focus on your business – in the confidence that your colleagues can do the same.

Mobile Handsets & Devices

We find many businesses have agreed contracts which combine both handsets and mobile airtime, allowing the service provider to cleverly mask the true price they are paying for the mobile device and leaving the customer shackled in a fixed term contract for years.

In contrast, we at Everything Voice opt for transparency and aim to reduce your costs as much as possible through seperating your handset and your mobile airtime contract. This includes a sim-free device service, which provides flexibility in your term of contract, allowing you to pay over 12, 24 or 36 months (devices are becoming very expensive) or pay up front if you really want the costs to apply in this years budget.

Absolute Transparency

The concept of getting a ‘free’ device with your contract is unfortunately no longer a reality, which is why we prioritise transparency, making it easier for you to allocate the real cost of a mobile handset, declaring it as a business asset – which as smartphones can now cost more than laptops – is always the best approach.

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