Video Conferencing Solutions

In a globalised world where one company can have partners, employees and even customers in different parts of the world; conferences and meetings are being held from multiple locations – it’s all about “staying connected”. Staff need to collaborate and clients need to meet with us whatever our location. This is why Everything Voice has decided to partner with Wildix to provide conferencing solutions tailored to your business’ needs.

Everything Voice offers two types of conference devices: the Wizyconf and the Ubiconf.


The Wizyconf is a remote controlled enterprise-grade piece of equipment which is quick and simple to set up. The conferencing solution is designed to give you a cordless, connectable and professional device that allows you to to perform conferencing around the world.

The device itself only takes 30 seconds to set up and configure, which can be controlled through the use of a remote control. It has two 4k wide-angle 120 degree cameras which are fully equipped with high definition PTZ. Furthermore, it has two fully equipped microphones which were originally made for the use of music recording studios. These can be placed on ceilings or desk with minimal effort.

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If you’re looking for a compact and affordable conferencing model, then the Ubiconf- WebRTC video conference solution could be for you. Because of its size, it is perfect for small conference rooms and huddle rooms, saving you money on the larger more complex options. Furthermore, since Ubiconf runs on web browsers, it is quick and easy to install as there is no additional hardware or software components.

Features available include: sharing your desktop / documents in meetings; sending reminders to participants; recording meetings; plus accessing reporting and analysis of video conferencing sessions

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