Caller ID Presentation Restriction

Everything Voice Ltd previously forwarded the Caller ID of the incoming caller to external devices, such as mobile devices, to enable mobile users to differentiate calls from the office vs calls from clients/potential clients.

As of 10th of June 2019, Everything Voice Ltd will no longer forward external callers’ numbers outside of the intended call destination. This is following updated guidelines for the privacy of individuals using personal or private mobile devices or land lines.

What this means to you

As a business that diverts calls to your mobile devices, previously the caller ID of the person calling would be displayed on your mobile device. The Caller ID that will be displayed will now show your Direct Dial number or Office number instead.

What else does this mean?

In addition to the privacy of individuals, we have taken this decision to protect our clients in the event of fraud.

As technology has evolved, it is possible to present a different caller ID when dialling out and potentially present a premium rate number such as 070 personal numbers. 070 numbers can cost between 49p and 83p per minute if calling from a landline. From a mobile phone these numbers can cost between 45p and £1.10 per minute.

The potential for a third party to make a call whilst presenting an 070 number, and passed through to your mobile device as a missed call, could possibly be mistaken for a mobile number and the call returned, leading to unexpected costs to you. By removing the pass through capabilities, we are minimising this risk.

If you have any queries about our decision, please contact your account manager or technical contact.

Richard Foleher

Technical Director

Everything Voice Ltd

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