100% Uptime Internet Bundle: Fixed Line + 4G Mobile Data Backup

Is your current contract for internet coming up for review? Are you not convinced you’re achieving the best price or speed from your current internet provider? Or are you just generally unhappy with your connectivity solution or the service you’re receiving?


We are offering a new bundle which includes 20% OFF a fixed leased line connection PLUS a FREE 4G data backup solution allowing your business to access high performance, full fibre internet to support your current and future requirements – with guaranteed 100% uptime and optimum resilience. Due to the relationships we have with the UK’s major internet providers, we are able to offer this at the most competitive pricepoint possible.

Fixed leased lines can’t be installed overnight – some areas of the country don’t even have access to a full fibre connection as yet. By taking our 100% Bundle, we can supply you with 4G connectivity whilst you have a leased line installed to ensure you’re up and running with reliable, high performance bandwidth as quickly as possible. 

To get Prices in your area for this package with 20% OFF please click below or call 0330 055 3570

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