COMMUNICATION BUNDLE for SMBs: Full Fibre Internet + FREE VoIP Telephony

Cash-conscious SMBs are being forced to adopt new ways of working during the COVID-19 Pandemic – in need of adopting low capex, subscription-based technologies which offer their staff the ability to access company files, cloud based applications and communication tools reliably, anytime, from anywhere.

Hosted VoIP telephony for example, is a simple app that can be accessed on any device, enabling calls to be made to the other side of the world, completely free of charge and includes features such as video conferencing, voice calls, email, instant messaging, colleague availability, call forwarding, call recording – and many more.

Until now, the dilemma of whether you can justify upgrading your internet connectivity to enhance your communication tools has been ongoing – as these new technologies depend on faster, more reliable internet. In the current climate however, where many businesses can only continue to operate from remote locations – the need to do this has never been greater. And prices have never been lower.

How Can We Help?

Everything Voice has put together a BUNDLE including Full Fibre Internet + FREE VOIP telephony – helping your business to adapt and help your staff to maximise productivity, efficiency and serve your customer needs from wherever they’re based.

Offer Includes: 

  • 100Mb Leased Line internet connection supplied by CityFibre
  • Hosted VoIP telephony + telephone handsets
  • Unlimited calls to 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile numbers 
  • Hardware and line rental costs
  • Installation, set-up and 24/7 support 

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