DEMO: Hosted VOIP & Unified Communications (UC)

This technology offers a new way to connect every user in the business to one company telephone system, irrespective of their location and all with a single predictable, monthly cost. This is ideal for businesses who need to use a service providers own infrastructure to deliver enterprise class resilience, performance and resilience as this is all included in the monthly charge.

For a demonstration of how this pay per month solution can help ensure enterprise class reliability and disaster recovery for telephony and Unified Communications whilst improving customer service, internal communication and workforce productivity, request a demo below:

Book a Demo of Hosted VOIP and Unified Communications (UC)

Key benefits

  • Single, predicatable monthly payment
  • No Capex
  • Enterprise class reliability and resilience
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Better connected workforce
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Enable home,mobile and remote working