Hosted VoIP: How much ££ will I save?

One of the main benefits of cloud-based communications such as Hosted VoIP is that it is usually charged on a ‘per user’ basis. This offers a high degree of flexibility to SMBs and smaller organisations – allowing you to both add or drop users and features as and when you require, ensuring you are only paying for what you need, when you need it.

In addition to this flexibility, you can also expect to see some significant cost savings. It is worth noting that the Hosted VoIP solution offered by Everything Voice, includes the full set of features we agree, PLUS handsets, installation, technical support and free call minutes.

For an illustration of a typical cost saving we offer our clients – or to calculate your own cost saving – see below: 

COST SAVINGS EXAMPLE: 20 telephone users:

*ON PREMISE / PBX SOLUTION: £ per minute Total Cost
31,200 minutes to UK mobiles 0.06p £1,872
16,800 minutes to UK Landline 0.04p £672
6 telephone lines £1,080
System support / rental / maintenance £700
System Upgrades / Replacements £500

*HOSTED VOIP SOLUTION –  £ 3,360 per year (incl handsets, installation, technical support & call minutes)

RESULT: The Hosted VoIP solution SAVES a total of £1,464