How to mobilise your workforce…

How many of your staff are based in more than one location each week – or travel regularly for their job? These are your mobile workers – and research shows that SMBs are raising productivity whilst saving on existing costs, by mobilising their workforce.

For this to work well – you need to ensure that everyone can stay connected, informed and engaged wherever they are.

Everything Voice deploy a world-class technology called Openscape Business to support SMB’s like your’s to achieve this. Our solution means that your employees can use any mobile device just as they would an office based phone – offering features such as managing calls, seeing who is available, conferencing, messaging, sharing screens, e-mail and much more.

Each of these features – including voice, video and web collaboration – can be accessed through one single interface, on any computer or device, anytime, anywhere. Not only does it mobilise your workforce, but the benefits it offers, provide significant cost savings to using an older legacy telephone system.

Watch this 2 minute Video to see how it works….