RESEARCH: The Economic Benefits of a Full Fibre Infrastructure

CityFibre’s ambition, according to their CEO Greg Mesch, is to build and operate metropolitan full fibre networks across 100 towns and cities in the UK. It’s an ambition founded on two truths;

  1. First, that digital infrastructure is the cornerstone of any successful modern economy;
  2. Second, that although the UK has succeeded in becoming a leading digital economy over the past decade, rising demand for fast and reliable connectivity means that today’s copper network will not be fit to support tomorrow’s digital economy.

“The UK needs to upgrade to full fibre as a matter of urgency if we are to maintain our competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world.” explains Greg.

Economic consultancy, Regeneris, carried out a research study which identifies and quantifies the benefits that a full fibre network could have on your business – with the impact on SMEs expected to be vast. The role of full fibre in delivering increased productivity runs throughout the findings in this report, and allows you to understand the potential for digital technology and expansion of smart infrastructure where full fibre is deployed….