CASE STUDY: Call Logging boosts sales performance at Global Office Supplies

Global Office Supplies is one of the UK’s most established green office suppliers. A low emission delivery fleet provides office goods in 100% recycled packaging from 9 distribution depots across the UK.

Improving Call Handling

“We decided to look at call logging solutions to see if we could improve our call handling. We wanted to see how well we responded to inbound calls and hoped to increase the volume and quality of our outbound calls.” stated Michael Girton, Sales Manager at Global Friendly.

“We had very specific requirements, and wanted a system that would be intuitive and easy but also very customisable. We wanted to exclude calls to certain numbers from being included in some reports e.g. calls to and from our drivers. We also wanted to be able to identify all frequent numbers by name. We wanted to exclude all calls below 30 seconds from display boards.” continued Michael.

The Call Logging Solution

Global Office Supplies reviewed the TIM Plus software solution against the specific nature of their requirements. They were able to trial the product with full access to the support team for the duration of the trial in order to ensure that the  system was configured to meet their exact needs.

During the trial phase, the support team were invaluable where requirements were responded to quickly and they were able to tweak the system to give exactly what Michael was wanting. The software is a highly configurable technology which meant a completely bespoke system could be built without the usual associated costs you would expect. “We therefore knew the product more than met our requirements before we had to make any financial commitment,” Michael confirms.

How It Has Helped

“The TIM Call logging solutions has provides complete visibility of all our call handling. All our call data is collected and stored so we can report on all historical data at any time. We can schedule reports for delivery at specific times and best of all we get to have completely configurable live boards that keep our teams on their toes!” Michael explains.

“If I’m out of the office I can view all display boards and reports from my mobile ensuring I have complete call visibility at all times. Our call rates have improved greatly since we installed TIM, resulting in more business so it’s definitely worked for us!”

In particular, Global Office Supplies have found the display boards particularly useful and really like the fact that unlimited boards are included as standard with no added cost. The ability to use templates or copy an existing board and tweak to show data for a different team or time period is also an added bonus.

“Standard maintenance of the product is provided and includes software assurance, so I know I can keep my system up to date and take advantage of all new features without any hidden financial penalties.”, Michael concludes.


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