Paul Waite Associates Claim £7K Funding Towards VoIP Telephony

Everything Voice was approached by Paul Waite Associates to improve their communication systems through the use of the Digital Enterprise government funding scheme. Paul Waite Associates were unsure at first what the Digital Enterprise Scheme was actually for and how it would benefit their organisation. Everything Voice highlighted the following benefits to them:

  • It offers £12,500 in vouchers to improve IT infrastructure
  • It’s aimed at SMB’s to make them more competitive in the marketplace
  • It’s only available in the Leeds City Region, allowing businesses to have an advantage over competitors in different regions
  • It does not exclude businesses that have had previous funding

The Application Process

After consulting with Everything Voice, Paul Waite Associates where interested in starting the application process, however unsure on where to begin or how. Since Everything Voice is fully committed to customer service; they helped Paul Waite Associates through the application process bringing a successful result for their business. Paul Waite Associates received £7,000 completely free and were able to implement a Unify fully hosted VoIP platform with the help of Everything Voice as highlighted below.

Their Challenge

Paul Waite Associates had found that whilst they were changing as a business, their communications system could not adapt to this. A key challenge was the need for mobile working, which their current telephone system did not support. Furthermore, the business identified significant risks associated with continuing to maintain an on-site telephone system, including the risks of hardware failing or access to the building not being available and not being able to accept calls from clients.

The Solution

The purpose of this project was to remove all barriers and implement a new Unify Cloud Managed VoIP platform to help them meet the ever-changing needs of customers, partners and employees. Using the funding from Digital Enterprise, we implemented a fully hosted VoIP platform to ensure the business could continue to function in the event of a disaster or in case of disruption. The solution now ensures their mobile workforce can be reached quickly wherever they are, through any device, at any time. Although some of the staff work remotely or on the move, they had access to the same communication features as their colleagues in the office, providing new ways to communicate with customers (such as video) and improving both productivity and teamwork.


This transformation was crucial to their growth enabling their business to become more agile, mobile and collaborative. It was also key to helping them support national clients and accelerate their plans to grow. In addition to the platform being fully cloud managed they further introduced video, new collaborative software, clients for mobile devices which integrated with the system and new VoIP hardware in their HQ and remote offices. This was deployed by an experienced and professional installer at Everything Voice.

As a result of the project, Paul Waite Associates has one centralised communications system incorporating mobile, remote and office based workers. They also have a completely resilient communications platform which means they can continue to communicate with clients, even if they no longer have access to their office, or their internet service fails.

What our client says…

“After several years of living with an antiquated system with very little functionality, we decided to invest in replacing our phone system. Having found we were eligible for a grant, Neil from Everything Voice helped with the completion of the application form which resulted in £7,000.00 towards the cost of a new VoIP system from Unify. Neil discussed our business requirements and identified the best fit system wise, but more importantly the options included cost reductions. Benefits included seamless communication for mobile workers, caller ID, voicemail and ultimately a flexible system which allows the business to expand. The support from installation to network setup has been second to none, nothing is too much trouble for any member of their team.”

Denene Capper, Head of Operations, Paul Waite Associates. 


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