CASE STUDY: Global Hosted Telephony

UNiDAYS® connects the world’s largest and most relevant millennial brands with a global audience of 18-24 year old students through its leading technology and marketing services.

The Challenge

Launched in 2011, UNiDAYS has quickly established itself as a global brand providing a gateway for retailers to reach the student market. Since its conception, the company has gone from strength to strength and is experiencing rapid worldwide growth with a presence in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany and Denmark.

With plans underway for further expansion, the team needed a phone system that was able to meet the demands of the increasing scale of the company – both in terms of operational capability and increasing numbers of staff. The system needed to:

  • Be scalable and reliable
  • Be low maintenance for the IT team
  • Make it easy to manage adds, moves and changes
  • Work across multiple sites, avoiding separate systems at each office

Tom Peach-Geraghty, Head of IT Operations at UNiDAYS says: With our previous phone system, if we wanted to set up another site, we would have had to install another PBX completely or work out how to get the existing system to talk to the other office. We needed to be able to pick up a phone, pop it in the new office and for it to work straightaway and that’s what this platform has provided us with.”

The Solution

Previously, UNiDAYS had a basic phone system with a few lines, including ISDN but this simply did not meet their needs.

UNiDAYs were looking for a cloud-based Telephony & Unified Communications (UC) solution which included basic telephony function, but also a full suite of UC services such as video, messaging, mobility and conferencing.

The proposition built for the client delivers carrier-class hosted business telephony and UC services, complete with the ability to work anywhere and connect with any device thanks to its secure cloud-based delivery system.

“Our new hosted platform was easier to implement and install than any other phone system I’ve used in the past. The tech team that did this for us were sharp, knowledgeable and responsive. They were able to recognise it was important for us to get our comms set up quickly and expedited the installation of the system despite the fact we hadn’t given them much notice,” says Tom.

The hosted Voice & UC platform runs over UNiDAYS’ primary internet connection and sits within their core network, which prioritises voice traffic over any other form, using what is known as QoS or Quality of Service measures. In the event of any degradation of service, the quality of this clients’ voice traffic is the last thing to be affected – ensuring calls are protected as a priority. Also, the fact that no voice traffic ever touches the public internet means that choosing a hosted solution such as this, together with reliable underlying connectivity, offers an extremely fast and safe route to rolling out the service, not to mention the increased control, quality of user experience and super-speedy fix times.

The Outcome

Thanks to their new Hosted Voice & UC solution, UNiDAYS have been able to communicate with staff at their sites in Australia and the USA quickly and easily, as well as take part in international audio conferences with a phone line that is good quality and reliable. UNiDAYS sent handsets to the other sites around the world and the teams at each location were able to fire up the phones and use them straightaway.

UNiDAYS now have zero call costs between these offices as staff at the sites are all on the same secure, cloud-based system using a mixture of desk and soft phones to make their calls and use the collaboration features.

Tom says: “It sounds obvious but with a different phone system, we wouldn’t have been able to communicate with all our offices at such low cost. We’ve used Skype in the past to try to help with this issue but it’s simply not a reliable business solution for us.”

Additional Unexpected Bonus

An additional bonus feature of this solution which UNiDAYS had not anticipated was the reduction in international mobile call costs. Using the iOS and Android Synergy mobile applications, users can make free calls from home, out of hours, to any of the offices in Sydney, New York and beyond. All they need is their mobile, the mobile app and a data connection.

Tom says: “The mobile app was a nice unexpected win. When you’re talking to offices around the world and having to set up a conference call late at night, having our Hosted Voice & UC platform means our employees no longer have to sit and wait in the office to jump on a call from their desks. Instead, they can now make calls around the world with ease, anytime, anywhere from their mobiles.”

UNiDAYS have ambitious plans for growth both in the UK and overseas and this Hosted solution will help them quickly and easily add new sites to their network at short notice.

“This solution meets the needs of our expansion plan perfectly and has helped us pave the way for the hassle-free extension of our comms system in the future” Tom concluded.

More Information

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