CCTV and M2M SIM Malware Vulnerability


Data usage

Malware increases the amount of data sent and received through your network, usually because the program is sending confidential information, network maps and checking the network for any other devices it can copy itself on to.

In turn, this increases costs on metered data connections, especially when SIMs go over their allotted data allowance, prompting additional costs on much larger per-MB pricing.


Data breach

Losing confidential information can be deadly to businesses of any size. Whether the data is intellectual property, customer information, bank accounts, usernames and passwords; they all can have massive impacts on a business’ ability to operate.

The right password and username could enable hackers to take over social media accounts, such as the recent twitter hack.

Intellectual property theft could take away a business’ advantage in their market.

The loss of customer information could cause irreparable damage to a business’ reputation and expose them to legal challenges as well as GDPR fines.



Just like in 2017, when multiple NHS trusts were brought to their knees (costing nearly 100m to rectify), malware can be used to lock employees out of their devices, and only open them back up once a ransom is paid.

These attacks are becoming more frequent, and with smaller businesses having less to invest in their security policies, savvy hackers have started to access massive corporate entities via smaller partners in their supply chain, as a more viable route to access larger ‘prey’.


Private APN

APN stands for ‘Access Point Name’, which is the shorthand for the settings your phone needs to set up a connection between your carrier’s network and the public internet.

However, with a Private APN, the SIM isn’t allowed to access the public internet and instead, creates a direct connection between your devices, for a far more secure solution and completely removing the possibility of malware directly infecting devices.

Previously, Private APNs were only available through major carriers sometimes taking months to set up!

But that’s not the case anymore.

Through Everything Voice, a private APN only takes a couple days to deploy, and new SIMs can be set up in a matter of minutes, for easier control and management of your connected devices!


Regular updates

It turned out that the underlying cause of the NHS’s WannaCry attack was simply software that hadn’t been updated in way too long. Manufacturers like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and HP, as well as software vendors regularly find vulnerabilities in their products and release updates to prevent them being leveraged.

We know how frustrating it is to hold-off on urgent work when that little pop-up says your computer needs to update and restart – but we do recommend you keep to a regular update schedule to prevent as many attacks as possible!


Public IP addresses

This most recent behaviour shows just how important it is for businesses to limit the number of ports open on routers accessing the public internet. In fact, the National Cyber Security Centre has recently released new advisories regarding router port permissions, mitigating this type of attack.

Instead of “Forwarding all ports”, it is better to set up “Forwarding only the required ports” to the target device as port forwarding in the router:

Open Services / Servers

  • Open mDNS services (port 5353)
  • Open DNS resolvers (port 53)
  • Open SNMP servers (port 161)
  • Open SSDP servers (port 1900)
  • Open portmapper services (port 111)

Administrative Services

  • SSH (port 22)
  • Telnet (port 23)
  • Telnet (port 2323)
  • RDP (Port 3389)

* This is typical best practice, but ports may change depending on your provider and hardware. A description of how to set up port forwarding can usually be found in the instructions for the router you are using. For more information, please refer to your operating system documentation or contact your network administrator. *

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