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With a strong online presence comes challenges. GDPR guidelines, cybersecurity and DDoS attacks, scaling-up, staying online to provide a service and dips in bandwidth affecting the performance of that service.


Staying available, connected and always on


Weak and slow communication with other teams


Deploying and accessing high-quality cloud services reliably and consistently in office locations


Slow speeds and sluggish performance, reducing productivity and service levels


Fully embracing new and efficient cloud services like Voice and Video due to existing connectivity inefficiencies


Ultra-reliable and available Cloud-ready internet connectivity


Fully managed service, so you can focus on fulfilling your potential


24 x 7 proactive monitoring speeds up fault resolution


Manage and prioritise critical or real-time services

Singularitee case study

Since Singularitee first worked with Everything Voice, they have worked together on a further project to deploy a new hosted VoIP telephony platform within their business. Everything Voice are specialists in Wildix VoIP technology and through implementing a more modern communications system, Singularitee have been able to offer greater flexibility to their workforce, with the features now available through their new platform which allows them to communicate anytime, anywhere through any device.

“The ability to use mobiles and desktops to communicate – through a range of channels such as instant messaging, video, email and calls – has transformed the way we communicate with our employees and clients and will definitely play an important role in our future success”.
Concludes Jenna.

Customer Testimonial

“The temporary 4G service fitted the needs of our client perfectly. It’s flexibility allowed us to tailor the service to our client and it was incredibly easy to use and set up. The team at Everything Voice are extremely friendly and supportive and as a result, Everything Voice are now our first choice for telecoms services and we would be happy to work in partnership with them again in future.”

Jenna Cooper, Sales Director, Singularitee

Operational reliability in a crisis

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