Diverse Connectivity

In a world where organisations are dependent on their communications and business continuity, it is essential that you have reliable back-up plans in place to ensure the highest standards of risk management.

An inherent challenge of remote business continuity facilities is that they are highly dependent on communication networks. Therefore if there is a single point of failure, remote data will be unobtainable because links are down.

Viability of services is further damaged because data is typically backed up or accessed over a single high-speed Internet access connection that is often shared between various office applications such as browsing, mail, FTP and document sharing. As a result, backup and restore times cannot be accurately predicted as they are restricted by the bandwidth available across the shared Internet connection.

With a diverse connection, which is made up of at least 2 connections of the following possible configurations, you can connect your building directly to any data centre or provider. When used as a dedicated service, backup and restore times are predictable and dependable, impervious to downtime and resilient.

  • One is provided fully independently of the BT local loop
  • Both are provided from different telephone exchanges
  • Fully diverse RAO2 no Single Point of Failure

A secondary connection is often also used to provide auxiliary high-speed Internet connectivity, which in the event of a primary provider being affected by a local or central outage, provides emergency fall back to ensure continuity of service.