Education – Can you risk loss of communication? Think ahead…

Written by: Neil Hutchinson | Business Development Director | Everything Voice Ltd

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  • How long has your existing telephone system been in place?
  • What would happen if it went down and communication was lost?
  • Did you know you can make huge savings by upgrading your communications?

General perceptions are that it will require significant investment to replace your old and costly telephone system – yet due to the savings you will make by reducing costs associated with support and maintenance, together with no need for any proprietary hardware, as well as the £2,000 discount we are offering for systems installed by 31st August this year – there has never been a better time to consider your options.

Serving your school – that’s your teachers, staff, pupils, parents – and allowing them to keep in touch with each other without any risk of system failure, has to be at the top of any IT Managers list of priorities.

What would system downtime or loss of communication mean to your school?

If you were able to save £1000’s on the costs associated with an old telephone system, did you know you could also enhance efficiency and quality of learning across your school? So here’s how… 

Everything Voice has worked with Schools and Academies across the UK to develop efficient and cost effective communications solutions, which improve learning standards and reduce costs significantly. Through combining our knowledge of both the Education sector and Unify’s world-leading communications platform Openscape Business, we are able to develop systems which are tailored to the needs of your School and which can be easily adapted to fit the on-going objectives of your organisation.

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