Business Comms specialist Everything Voice launches Mobile services division

As a result of a growing reputation in the business communications market and strong financial performance for 2018 – Everything Voice is ready to respond to the lastest growth figures in mobile communications, having started the new year with the launch of its dedicated Mobile Services division.

Having noted over a period of time that many of its clients – typically small to medium sized businesses in the North of England – increasingly seek advice with regards mobile technology and contracts, this investment has been on the cards for a good while.

“As mobile is a specialist area of business communications in its own right which continues to thrive, we knew we had to build this in to our proposition if we were to respond to the holistic needs of businesses and better serve their changing priorities in what is now a global world,” explains Neil Hutchinson, Founder and Business Development Director, at Everything Voice.

With an existing portfolio made up of hand-picked enterprise-grade technologies which are backed by long-established partnerships, Everything Voice offers bespoke communications solutions, including on-premise or hosted VoIP, Connectivity, Unified Communications, Call Logging & Recording, Disaster Recovery and Security options.

“The decision to launch our Mobile services division has been largely driven by market demand and so the idea of integrating a suite of Mobile services with our existing expertise, felt like a very natural route to enhance what we’re already offering,” continued Neil.  

“Essentially Mobile is the missing piece of our jigsaw and from 2019, our clients can take advantage of a fully integrated business communications solution, which enables them to streamline costs whilst raising efficiency and productivity of staff however they converse.”

Coninciding with the roll out of 5G Network coverage, Everything Voice has picked an exciting year to become part of the mobile services sector, and have purposefully set themselves up to become one of the first resellers of 5G Network services in the UK. A study by O2 of 5G predicts predicts that its ‘introduction will indirectly boost the UK’s productivity by an extra £3billion annually’, demonstrating the potential impact of this technology.

With a team of mobile services specialists encompassing over 20 years’ experience, and each well regarded within the industry, Everything Voice is working closely with the UK’s leading network providers including O2, EE and Vodafone.

“We understand how these providers work and how we can combine their services to ensure businesses are getting the best value and avoiding wastage in often complex and multi-layered mobile phone contract agreements,” explains Aaron Barry, Head of Mobile Services at Everything Voice. I have personally built key relationships over the course of many years in the industry, allowing us to create a supply chain that offers major benefits such as multi-network sims, pooled bundles to avoid overage and predictable and lower monthly costs.”

Split in to three areas of expertise including mobile contracts (calls and handsets), mobile data and 5G Network coverage, when combined with the expert technical skills and knowledge in place at Everything Voice, this recent advance places this well-respected business as a leading contender for suppling business communications services in 2019.

“It has always been our vision…and finally 2019 is the year,” concludes Neil, “where we can quite confidently say – we really can look after “Everything” relating to a clients “Voice” and communications needs.”

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