Everything Voice maintains Unify Professional Accreditation

Unify is one of the world’s leading communications software and services firms, providing integrated communications solutions for approximately 75 percent of the Fortune Global 500. Their solutions, including Circuit, unify multiple networks, devices and applications into one easy-to-use platform that allows teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations. Unify has a strong heritage of product reliability, innovation, open standards and security. Unify is an Atos company.

We have worked hard to achieve and maintain our Professional certification with Unify, which enables us to provide businesses all over the UK, with a Siemens or Unify Communications platform, the highest levels of technical support and advice. There’s no doubt that maintaining the best levels of certification in Sales, Operations and Technical with Unify takes a great deal of investment of time and money but ultimately the results are extremely worthwhile. We took the decision some time ago that Unify allows us to meet the needs of every customer, irrespective of what they are trying to achieve and how they want the solution deployed and managed. This meant that we didn’t need to spread ourselves too thinly with multiple other system vendors for VOIP and Unified Communications.

As one of only a small number of partners who have taken this approach we feel like we are in a great position now to focus on continually improving our Processes, Unify Support and our ecosystem of complementary products which complete the overall Unify communications offering to a business, including Call Reporting, Call Analytics and CRM integration. Our business is also now taking shape to offer businesses complete flexibility as to how they would like their Unify Solution deployed and managed – Virtual, Private Cloud, Public Cloud or On-site.

Is the investment in accreditations worthwhile? Yes, most definitely as long as it doesn’t mean picking up every accreditation under the sun and diluting the focus on key products and services. This only serves to spread resources far too thinly. Although it is very important that a technology partner has complementary skillsets in other areas which allow them to make the core solution work in exactly the way the customer needs, even if it means integrating other components.


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