Everything you need to know about intelligent Mobile Data



Regular mobile data has bandwidth restrictions in place that throttle your speeds to ensure there is enough capacity for everyone across the network, and you usually get higher bandwidths through business-grade intelligent mobile data. Fact.

Plus, intelligent SIMs will always find the strongest network available to connect to, meaning you’re always enjoying the fastest speeds.


Granular control

Unlike regular mobile data, where you can’t customise anything and are forced to work with what you’ve got, you can change any aspect of your solution at any time when it’s powered by intelligent mobile data.

That includes:

  • Data allowances
  • Bandwidth speeds
  • Alerts and usage caps
  • Devices and data pooling
  • IP addressing
  • Preferred network


If you’re using intelligent multi-network 4G SIMs, your solutions will always connect to the strongest network at their location. And when an outage happens, your SIMs will swap networks without a second thought or any input from you!


Intelligent mobile data is compatible with analytics software, cloud systems, AI technology; you name it.

And you have options: 4G, 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT. You don’t need to try to fit the connectivity to your solution; intelligent mobile data will do that for you.



You can aggregate intelligent mobile data into separate stacks or one big pool, making it infinitely easy to manage your solution. And you can use flexible tariffs that adjust to your usage automatically, so you never have to worry about data caps or overages.

Plus, you can monitor and configure your whole solution remotely. No need to make the trek out to your devices for every status check or adjustment.

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