NEW LEGISLATION: For The First Time, Mobile Providers To Cap Cost Of Mobile Bills

You can be forgiven for having let this news pass you by regarding capping your mobile expenditure…  as the latest announcement from Ofcom really hasn’t been given the publicity it truly deserves.

Essentially, as a business that supplies mobile phones to its employees, you are now in a position to cap your mobile costs. Officially, the statement from communications regulator Ofcom reads;

“Since 1 October 2018, all mobile providers must give the option to limit the cost of new bills to new customers and to any existing customers who enter into a new contract”.

Can you cap your bills?

The first thing to consider, is would you prefer to set a bill cap on your mobile contracts, so that you can predict expenditure in line with budgets and manage any possible excess more efficiently? And secondly, if you are interested in taking control of your mobile costs, you need to review whether your existing mobile contract(s) began before 1st October 2018?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to the above two questions, you are now in a position to set up a new agreement on this basis and start to save your business money. It’s that simple – you’re now legally entitled to request a bill limit is applied to each of your mobile contracts, for the use of text messages, calls and mobile data.

How does it work?

So – you can set a limit on your bills – BUT what then happens when you reach this limit? It’s unlikely that you’d want your service suspended we guess? Everything Voice takes the benefits of bill capping to the next level so that it offers REAL benefits to your usage and costs as follows:

  • We apply the bill cap on either a financial level or usage level
  • We can apply a usage cap for data with a no overage guarantee 
  • We can add data bolt-ons retrospectively after you have exceeded your allowance
  • We can add roaming bundles retrospectively
  • We can bar and replace a lost sim with a live sim in 24 hours
  • We can Geo-locate any device in the world with our mobile device management service

Put it this way… …if the situation is so bad that government has had to legislate, then isn’t the problem bigger than just a headline on a website? This industry needs more innovation than a government bill and Everything Voice has the answer.

What next?

Our advice would be that you firstly calculate mobile phone usage across your business and identify where you are being over-charged for excess services that infact could be predicted. When carrying out this task, you may also discover that there are more effective ways to set up your contracts, such as using pooled bundles or multi-network sims which will further reduce costs on top of any caps you apply.

Save yourself time…

If you’re limited for time, there is a quick way to do this and we have a team of mobile specialists who are very well practised at Everything Voice. More to the point, they will carry out this process for you free of charge and also operate independent of the network providers, thus offering an unbiassed and detailed analysis of the costs you are paying, and how these can be both reduced and controlled to meet defined budgets.

Our team has access to all the major networks including EE, O2 and Vodafone and is therefore perfectly placed to help you make the most of this new legislation, advising on the easiest route for renewing your contract today.

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