For the first time, mobile providers must offer to cap the cost of Mobile bills from 1st October 2018

You can be forgiven for having let this pass you by as this announcement hasn’t really been given the publicity it truly deserves.

In a statement from the communications regulator Ofcom “Since 1 October 2018, all mobile providers must give the option to limit the cost of new bills to new customers and to any existing customers who enter into a new contract”. This is essentially saying that businesses should firstly consider if they would like a bill cap and if so enter into a new agreement if their current mobile contract began before the 1st of October 2018.

A business will be entitled to request a bill limit be applied at any time to cover the use of a mobile phone to send text messages, make calls and use data. Although it does not necessarily include the full cost of premium rate services but must include the service providers charge for accessing these services.

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