Full Fibre: The Future Of Business Connectivity

What is Full Fibre?

Whilst many Internet services today are marketed as “fibre” they are actually a hybrid service with only part of the connection being fibre. What this means is that the speeds you can achieve are limited up to a maximum of 80Mbps and the further you are away from the roadside cabinet, the less speed you will get. This is because Internet speed degrades over distance on copper lines. Whilst this is a good option in cases where full fibre just isn’t available “Full Fibre” is becoming much more widely available.

What are the advantages of Full Fibre?

Speed and performance. Speeds over Full Fibre don’t reduce over relatively short distances so it doesn’t matter how far away you are from the network you will get the same speed whether you’re 1 metre or 500 metres away. This makes it far easier to predict what speeds you will get and measure how consistently it performs.

Top 4 reason why full fibre could benefit you:

  1. Greater performance- Speeds on Full Fibre can reach 1Gbps and in some cases even 10Gbps.
  2. Significantly better upload speed. Full Fibre offers the same upload speed as download speed which is great for certain business applications which need good upload speeds.
  3. Service Level Agreements. Full Fibre services come with an extensive set of Service Guarantees which are just not present on hybrid Fibre Broadband services involving copper and fibre. If you rely on consistent and highly available internet connectivity, Full Fibre offers the best service level agreements.
  4. Reliability. Full Fibre services are well known for being far more reliable as they have no reliance on copper networks which have been in the ground for many years, degrading.

What’s stopping you?

Cost. The cost of Full Fibre Internet has always been a barrier to investment. Full Fibre is more expensive than other hybrid fibre/copper services.

Availability. The investment in infrastructure is a continually evolving process, however Full Fibre today is widely available and we can now provide Full Fibre at more than 8 out of 10 business premises.

However, if you are thinking about switching to a full fibre network; then look no further. We guarantee to all of potential and existing customers

Ready to explore the possibilities of Full Fibre?

Our advice, if you haven’t done so in the last month, is to check availability. There is even funding available (which is running out fast) to help you get connected at a low cost. In certain areas of the country we are able to provide 100Mbps Full Fibre to businesses for a low monthly cost of £125 with help from the government subsidy.

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