SIP Trunks
Inbound Services

Gamma is one of the UK’s largest SIP trunk providers. Everything Voice choose to deploy their network because it has been designed to ensure very high levels of system availability through multiple layers of technical and geographical resilience.

They have carrier interconnects with a number of operators including BT, Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Orange, T Systems, in addition to peering relationships with a number of IP transit providers including Global Crossing, Packet Exchange and Epsilon and an established presence in a number of the main communications hubs such as Telecity 6/7 and 8/9, Telehouse East and North.

Their core network is spread across eight main locations and their key product platforms are located in at least two of these locations, meaning that each node can act independently should one fail allowing Everything to typically achieve 99.999% availability for these products.

By design, Gamma’s network is inherently resilient and operates in a load-sharing configuration. Through working in partnership with this technology, we are capable of handling the full design load of traffic with 50% of the elements out of service.

Gamma operates over 2000 kms of fibre, formed in a resilient ‘figure of eight’ architecture around the UK. The network incorporates a number of options for the routing of calls, which are invoked automatically, should the primary route fail. They have points of interconnect with BT and points of presence around the UK which are utilised to their full potential, providing as many routing options as possible to manage network traffic.

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