Headteachers Save £ Thousands To Lessen Impact of Future Funding Cuts

Following the recent exposure of public cuts in funding set to affect Schools in England, some analysts expect funds to fall by more than 6% by 2019/2020. This is according to analysis published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

One article I read in the Independent newspaper back in February has really stuck in my mind, with a loyal Headteacher reporting: “I’m leaving something I love because quite simply there is not enough money to do the job properly”.  She went on to say that under current funding levels her school “..cannot replace equipment, we cannot improve the buildings, we can’t even afford new textbooks for new specifications”.

Education affects us all – it will dictate the future of our children, the performance of our staff and the general wellbeing of society as a whole. So to support this sector which looks ahead to an increasingly challenging future – Everything Voice has put together a short guide for school leaders to help dramatically reduce costs associated with technology and in particular telephony and communications, which also offers the prospect of improved features and services.



Traditional telephone lines such as ISDN are very expensive, not just in terms of line rental but in terms of the call costs too. As technology has advanced, there is now an alternative solution which will see your costs for line rental and calls to UK landlines and mobiles shrink dramatically. For example, a school with just 8 telephone lines could see an annual reduction of more than £2,000 by utilising new communications technology.

Typically, most schools have telephone system hardware on-site to run their communications and routinely pay for technical support, hardware maintenance, moves and changes to the setup, plus software upgrades to keep the hardware current and supported. Our own research suggests that this could be costing a school upwards of £3,000 per annum for not a great deal back in return. Through deploying a new communications platform – up to 75% of these ongoing costs can be scrapped which is an average saving of a further £2,250.


Making these savings is really much more simple than you might think, yet many education leaders are either unaware of the benefits, or haven’t placed a new communications solution on their list of priorities. Aside from the attractive cost savings, it is also worth highlighting that having worked with a number of schools over the past 12 months, we have seen how the improved features available with new communications technology can help your teachers and staff get more out of their time, whilst also raise standards of education both within and outside of the classroom.

From responding to and keeping parents up to date, managing staff time effectively, helping teams share files and communicate on key projects or monitoring colleague availability and absence records – standard features you can expect include: Instant Messaging, Direct Dials, Smartphone Integration, Colleague Availability, File Sharing, Absence Records, Conferencing and much more.


Free to install this summer 2017, Everything Voice has worked with many schools throughout the UK to put in place our world-leading communications platform manufactured and supplied by Unify. If you would like to make considerable savings to your budget in 2017/18, whilst improve the performance of your school, upgrading your communications platform has to be a priority!

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