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Activating SIMs on Mobile Manager

When trying to activate a SIM on Mobile Manager, the following steps should be taken:

Log in to the Mobile Manager platform

On the main screen, select Customers.

Choose to which customer you’d like to add the SIM and select Details.

This will move you to the screen below, on which you would have to press SIMs.

On the SIMs screen, select Assign SIMs.

After clicking Assign Individual SIMs, you will be moved to the following page, Tick the SIM/s with the correct ICCID that you would like to assign to the customer and click Assign

Afterwards go back to the SIMs page and click Activate SIMs. You will be moved to a screen with a drop-down list

Select the Network the SIM that you would like to activate.

After selecting the Network, choose the Tariff and tick the relevant boxes.

Choose whether you wish to add an Additional Bolton to the SIM

If you are PAC’ing a number to us, please tick the Port in (PAC) Box

If you wish to Opt Out of the Default usage warnings please tick the Opt Out Box

Finally Select the sim you wish to activate and select Create Order

When PAC’ing a sim to us you will need to input the following information –

The PAC code and also the Mobile number of the previous SIM – Select the date that your contract expires with your previous provider and choose the date you wish to move over to us

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