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Automatic Telephone Number Detection

Automatically enable dialling from any website using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the Telephone Number Detection extension and your Wildix telephone system.

With a simple click of a mouse, Telephone Number Detection extension automatically scans the pages you visit and turns telephone numbers in to clickable buttons that can initiate a call through your Wildix telephone system.

As an example, here is a short list of Taxi companies in London with their numbers listed.

Now download the Telephone Number Detection extension from the Chrome store and enable the following options:

The extension will now present telephone numbers as clickable buttons, for example, the same list of taxi companies will look like this:

Clicking the button will dial the number in your Wildix applications or handsets

This also works for many web based CRM systems. *not local computer applications unless presented on a web page.

Everything Voice has not used nor endorses the taxi firms listed in the examples above

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