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Changing Windows Default Dialling Applications

By default, when you install the Wildix WISERVICE plugin, the application will create a file link type for Wildix calls to be opened with the Wildix Collaboration app

However, Windows has 3 other methods of calling using different protocols and will therefore ask you what you want to use each time you click a link with a phone number or highlight a number and press dial. This can be incredibly annoying but is a simple fix.

Step 1:

Click on the Windows button on your screen and type “Default Apps”

Select the Default Apps in the results

Step 2

In the Default Apps window, search for the following protocols: CALLTO, SIP & TEL

Step 3

By default, these may be empty, or associated with another application such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Skype for Business. You can change this to Wildix by clicking on the current associated application

Step 4

Repeat the changes for all 3 protocols (CALLTO, SIP & TEL)

Step 5

Now, whenever you click a dialable link or highlight a telephone number, right click and press the Wildix Call button, Wildix Collaboration should dial the number without Windows asking you what you want to use to dial.

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