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How to park / resume a call

Park a call with Function / BLF key

To park / resume a call via Function / BLF key is possible from Wildix VoIP phone or Collaboration -> Fn Keys:

  • Press the BLF key configured as “Park Location” during a call to park a call / press it again to resume

Park and Resume via Collaboration:

  • To park a call, perform a blind transfer to Park orbit user:
  • To resume a call, mouse over Park orbit user in your Function Keys screen -> click Options button (three dots) -> select Pick up:

Park and Resume from ANY Device connected to Wildix system

  • To park a call, perform a blind transfer to the Park location
  • To resume a call, use Feature Code “Pickup” *88 then the Park Location

Example: Dial *884488 where *88 is Pickup Feature Code and 4488 is “Park Location” extension. Park Location numbers vary by system. Please contact a member of the support team to use this feature and to find out your available Park Location numbers.

This also works for Non-Wildix devices such as Yealink cordless handsets

This can be added as a function key to your Wildix handset and will flash when a call is Parked
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