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Mobile Data collection

The data reporting in Mobile manager is dependent on the data from the networks. Depending on the carrier and service, update times can vary.
Below is a table of services and data update timeframes, we will accept a fault outside of these times unless there is a known issue.
When a fault is raised we may also ask customers to wait an additional amount of time (eg. 24 hours) depending on the time of the month eg. at the start and end of the month. In addition, some carriers rely on a data session ending in order to calculate the usage – this can also add to the delay in data to Mobile Manager but no longer than 24 hours.

If no data is showing after this time period has elapsed, we will commence investigations with the relevant parties.

NetworkData Delay
 O2 Up to 7 days
 Vodafone Up to 24 hours
 eSIM Up to 4 hours
 EE Fixed IP Up to 4 hours
 EE M2M Up to 4 hours
 EE – Private APN Up to 4 hours
 Vodafone Fixed IP Up to 4 hours
 KPN Multi-Network Up to 4 hours
 KPN Multi-Network + SMS Up to 4 hours
 KPN Multi-Network ‘PPG   (Pay-Per-GB) Up to 4 hours
 Three IoT/M2M Up to 4 hours
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