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Mobile SIM Fault Process

In order for us to effectively support you with your mobile query, please can you carry out the following checks;

1) Has the device been powered down for 5 minutes? – This is essentially forces to the SIM to reconnect.

2) Has the SIM been tested in a known working device – eg. mobile phone, unlocked to any network? – This helps eliminate a potential issues with devices.

3) Has the APN details been manually configured in the device? APN Settings – Occasionally we see issues where the Automatic APN changes and picks up the wrong details.

4) Has the SIM been moved to a different location? – This helps us determine whether there are issues with the mast/network in that area.

5) If your issues are related to a Jola provided mobile router not reporting data usage on Mobile Manager, please hold the reset button for 10 seconds. – This will factory default the router reverting any TR69 server settings. Please note this will also change any settings you may have configured in the router. The APN will also need manually configuring again. APN Settings

Once these checks have been carried out please can you confirm the following details;

1) Affected SIM ICCID

2) Network of the SIM

3) Location of the SIM (postcode)

4) If using a supplied router, please attach an image showing the Status Lights on the router and device serial number

5) A testing window of 1 hour where Jola can SIM Swap the SIM to a blank one in our office for testing. (Date/Time)

We may require a fault form to be filled out for the network to investigate issues

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