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Robustel – Roaming Multi-network SIMs – Manually select a network – UK Only

Please Note – If you choose to manually select an individual network when using a Jola, multi-network, roaming SIM, please be aware of the following:

  • After manually selecting a network, the only way of then selecting a different network (or reverting back to the SIM being able to access multiple different networks) is via the Robustel web GUI. 
  • If there is an issue with the network that is manually selected, someone capable of making the necessary changes in the web GUI will need to be with the physical router to make those changes.

To manually roam to a specific UK network, first Sign in to the Robustel Router and select Interface then Cellular. Next, click the edit icon next to the SIM. 

In the Extra AT CmD field enter the following command AT+COPS=1,2,”MCCMNC”, replacing the “MCCMNC” section with the required network details

MCC = 234 (UK)

MNC for each network is as follows;

O2 = 10

Vodafone = 15

Three = 20

EE = 30

An example of this, if we want to manually roam to O2 the code would be – AT+COPS=1,2,23410 

Once you have entered the desired command, click Submit then Save and Apply at the top of the screen.

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