Unify – CP200 User Guide

Unify Handsets Error Codes and what they mean

Occasionally your Unify handset may lose connection to the system for a variety of reasons. When this happens, the message “Telephony is down” appears on the screen. After this is…

Unify – CP200 Handset Tour

Unify – CP200 & CP205 Overview

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP200/CP205 is an uncompromising value phone for easy entry into VoIP telephony. It has a headset socket and four programmable function keys. The keys are pre-programmed…

Unify – CP200 Conference Calling

Unify – CP200 Setting up and using Voicemail

Unify – CP200 How to use Call Forwarding

Unify – CP200 How to Answer, Hold and Transfer a Call

Unify – CP200 How to end a call

To end a call Hang up the receiverTo end a handsfree call, press the lit speaker keyIf using a headset, press the lit headset key to end the call

Unify – CP200 How to answer a call

To answer a Call: Lift the handsetFor handsfree mode: press the speaker key or if headset is connected: press the headset key

Unify – CP200 How to make a call

To place a Call Lift the handset and dial number orDial the number and lift the handsetFor handsfree mode or if headset is connected simply dial the number