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Unify Handsets Error Codes and what they mean

Occasionally your Unify handset may lose connection to the system for a variety of reasons. When this happens, the message “Telephony is down” appears on the screen. After this is an error code. These error codes let us know what the problem is and can be very simple to resolve.

The most common error codes are as follows:


DO2 tells us that the handset failed to get an IP address from the network. Reboot the handset and if the error still persists, check your DHCP settings on your network – it may be you don’t have a large enough range of addresses to allocate a new address to the phone. If your address range is sufficient, check what devices are not online but have an address reserved. A quick refresh will often free up unused addresses with long lease times. If this still fails to resolve the issue, check your network connections on uplinked switches or check VLAN’s to ensure the phone is able to get to the DHCP server.

HO2 means the handset cannot talk to the phone system. If this is a local phone system, check your network connections and routes. If this a hosted system, check the firewall rules to ensure the handset can connect to the remote system.

HM2 is a simple problem to resolve and refers to an incorrect password. Check with our support team and we can reset the system password and then remotely connect to you to reset the handset password to match.

Hc2 relates to 2 phones connected to the same system with the same extension number. This is usually after phones have been moved around or replaced and the original handset has been reconnected to the system. In this instance, it is important to identify the locations of both handsets so one of them can be re-configured to change its extension number. If the duplicate handset cannot be found, extension renumbering will be required.

LP1 is a local cable fault. This could be the patch lead (ethernet cable) from the socket to the handset, a problem in the socket or a problem in the data cabinet. The recommended course of action is to change the patch lead from the phone to the socket first. If the problem is still present, change the patch lead in the data cabinet. If the problem still persists, check the data socket, it may be damaged or worn if it has been disconnected/reconnected many times.

There are a number of other error codes to help us diagnose faults, if you experience any of these, please add a new support ticket and we will assist.

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