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Wildix collaboration – Colleagues (roster)

Select Colleagues in the top menu. 

People from the same department are automatically added to user’s roster and displayed in Colleagues  menu upon the first time access.

Users are subdivided by work teams (managed on the WMS side). You can view all the users by clicking on All section or select a specific work team to view only its users.

User status, user name and user picture are displayed for each colleague.

Mouse over a colleague shows additional buttons with available actions (Call / Chat / Post-It / Call me back etc): 


Edit colleagues list

To add/ remove a user from your roster:

1. Select Other in the top menu -> Edit Colleagues:

2. Select the colleagues (or work teams) that you want to add to your roster: 

3. Click the Tick icon to save

Other options to add / delete colleagues from roster

Add colleagues via Search field:

  1. Find a colleague by name / number and click on + icon: 

Delete colleagues via Colleagues tab:

  1. Mouse over a colleague, click on Options button (three dots) and select Remove 
  2. Or right-click on a colleague and select Remove

User status icons explanation

User status is synced over all Wildix devices registered to your accounts

  •  – available (user is connected to Collaboration)
  • – offline (user is not connected to Collaboration and has no active devices)
  • – reachable by phone (user is not connected to Collaboration but has an active device)
  • – talking (device status)
  • – ringing (device status)
  •  – away (user-defined status, if grey = offline)
  • – DND (user-defined status, if grey = offline)

Colleagues status information

To view additional information (extension, who is calling, status information, location):

  1. Go to the Colleagues tab and focus the mouse cursor on the colleague: 

Same information can be consulted from Messaging / Feature keys tabs.

Set user status of colleagues

Proceed as follows:

  • Mouse over a colleague, click on Options button (three dots) and select Set presence
  • Or right-click on a colleague and select Set presence
  • Proceed in the same way as you do for changing the personal user status: 
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