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Wildix Collaboration – I receive a call when dialling out

When you make an outbound call, as soon as you press dial, you receive an incoming call – This is due to your Collaboration app/browser client having its active device set to ANY

As the system doesn’t know which device you want to make the call on, the system calls YOU, waits for you to answer and then connects the call to the device you answer on.

You can manually choose your device (Web, Mobile App, Deskphone, Mobile Phone) and the system will activate the call on that device. In the case of a mobile phone or a non-Wildix phone (Yealink, Grandstream, Snom for example) the system will still call you first so you can answer.

To choose your active device, Click the down arrow next to the dial box at the top of the screen and select your device. To dial from the Collaboration in your browser, for example, select WEB

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